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Studio You is our home art studio at 261 Winnipeg Street in London, Ontario. We offer original art, art classes, family art events and so much more! We delight in helping YOU create your own wonderful art while connecting with yourself.

You are creative. You are unique. You are enough!

Studio You is run by Alexis Christine Wild and Scot McIntee… and our three little ones!

Alexis Christine Wild

My art is my offering

Come closer…

I want to tell you a secret. I have hated my life. I have wished to walk out the door and leave everything behind (more than once!). I have thrown up my hands and said, “Enough! Please, I need space. Please." I have locked the door and cried on the floor until it was quiet.

I have seen my dark side (and find new hidden corners even still!), and I know it sucks to be in this space. Have you been there? 

Are you there now?

Come on’s a hug. For both of us.

Being a woman, a wife, a mom, a partner... Heck, being an ADULT can be so hard and so soul crushing sometimes.

On the other side of darkness though, I have found so, so, so much light and so much joy. That joy was there all along, and becoming curious and creative helped me to find it!

It starts with you, deep within. It starts with getting reacquainted with YOUR inner joy! It starts with freedom to create the life you desire. Freedom to CREATE! Point blank….we have to create!

We are here for one life, and it should be the juiciest, most wonderful, abundant, exciting life we can have! Ya hear me?

In 2014, I was running an event planning business putting on the largest baby trade show event in Southwestern Ontario. I had recently welcomed my second baby, and it felt like I had it all.... Successful business, family of four (plus dog!), lovely house. All the boxes were checked.

Life seemed as though it should be great, but it wasn't . I was burnt out, unhappy, and stressed to the max; but, I just kept going. No breaks. No time for me. No time for true family downtime.

What was I doing? Why was I burning myself out NOW for the hope of more time LATER to enjoy my family...and my life? I realized that my reality is created by my thoughts and my actions, and I was creating a pretty shitty reality. I wanted MORE than just getting by and doing “what I had to do.” And isn’t that what we all deserve?

More joy, abundance, and happiness…and less work, stress, and overwhelm?

More creativity and less drudgery?

I sold the event business and took some time to get to know myself and thought about how I wanted my life to feel. Fun. Happy. Joyful. Creative. I began trying new things— dancing, playing, painting, and bringing more laughter into our lives. It is certainly not always easy to maintain creative joy in my life, but it has made the biggest change! I now know how to change my attitude when I’m grouchy and how to nourish my soul when I begin feeling overwhelmed. I know my desires, passions, and dreams…and I know they are worth it. I know I am worth it. I know YOU are worth it!

This is my true desire for you. To know you are worth it. Worth an exciting life that makes you jump for joy and happiness.

… creativity is one of the most amazing ways to get there! My art is my offering and my way to help you to see who you are.

I discovered that “the secret” to feeling more present and at peace with the craziness of being an adult was to reconnect with my inner creative joy. Remember feeling free and excited as a child? Remember creating just for the sake of the process (and not the result)? THAT is what I want!

Bringing the time and space to simply create allowed me to:

• Feel more relaxed. 
• Be more patient with my children. 
• Experience more moments of pure bliss. 
• Have more focus when working.

Now, I work with people and families who are gung-ho about making life so freaking awesome that they wake up every day with a “Wooohhooo!” – people who are learning how to create that “woohooo!” in their lives even on crummy days. We are stronger together and creating a community around creative joyful living allows us to spread that wherever we go.

If you’ve ever said you don’t have the time to create, or you don’t know “how"… it would be an honour to hold your hand along the way!

Please scoot closer and share your story with me, or pop over to the Events Page to begin your journey back to creativity. I also have some super juicy and beautiful products just for you in my Shop. There’s room for you here and it thrills my heart to connect and CREATE with you!

So much love,


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Alexis Christine Wild London Ontario Pride Art Show

My Daily Manifesto

May I always choose and give love.

May I continue to spread joy and live with fun.

May I be a bridge towards creativity and re-introduce others to their inner child.

May I know the power of my hands, heart and soul.

May I live in integrity of my word, thoughts and desires.

May I hold my hand out to my sisters and brothers, as one community and not be held back by lack.

May I receive abundance with supreme gratitude. My knowing makes it so.

Cliff Notes on Alexis

  • Mama to three little ones

  • Chocolate caramel lover (not butterscotch! Ack!)

  • Women's circle leader

  • Planning addict — to a fault, I’m sure!

  • Certified laughter yoga leader and reiki 1

  • Holistic massage practitioner



Alexis Christine Wild is an mixed media artist specializing in intuitive abstract painting and fiber arts since 2014. She currently creates and teaches workshops out of her home studio in London, Ontario, and is known for inspiring and including others in the creative journey. Alexis has a passion for including texture in her work with unique methods and materials. When not creating art, she can often be found in the garden... with dirt on her hands instead of paint!

Alexis is educated in social service work and is currently studying art therapy as a methodology as well. Before diving into the world of art, Alexis became an entrepreneur in 2010 and successfully sold her event planning business three years later. She is a multifaceted individual and thrives on following any crumbs of curiosity that come her way. This curiosity has led her to be trained as a certified laughter yoga leader, Sacred Pregnancy Instructor, holistic massage practitioner, and  reiki I practitioner.